Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DIY hanging dish towel

You know what's super annoying? When the dish towel falls off the oven door handle 50 million times a day! I swear the second I turn around it finds itself falling to the floor. Out of boredom and desperation I decided to make some DIY hanging dish towels. Follow along if you'd like to make some too!

Materials needed:
1 towel or dish towel
2 scraps of fabric
bias tape
snap press (or sew on snaps or buttons)

Step 1: If using a towel cut it into a rectangle that is 12 x 15". Round the bottom two corners only. Cut your scrap fabric into 2 triangles that are 7 x 7" with a rounded top point.

Step 2: Attach your bias tape to enclose the raw towel edge like so and zig zag stitch it on. (I am not doing the "correct" way for attaching bias tape since I'm just zig zag stitching it on.

Step 3: Take your 2 triangle pieces of fabric and sew them RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Step 4: Turn your triangle pieces right sides out. Turn the bottom raw edge in about a 1/2" and press then entire piece.

Step 5: Pleat your towel so it'll be the width of your triangle piece and pin in place. Sandwich the towel inside the triangle piece. You don't have to place it far inside, only about an inch or so.

Step 6: Very carefully as to not sew on your pins, zig zag stitch close to the edge of your fabric.

Step 7: Place your hanging dishtowel on your oven's door handle and mark where you need to place your snap.

Step 8: Attach your snap with your snap press or sew it on by hand where you marked it.

Step 9: You're done! Enjoy all your extra free time from not having to pick up the dishtowel from the floor all day. lol

This would make such a great house warming gift paired with some matching unpaper towels and cooking utensils am I right?! They sew together very quickly and your color options are endless. If anything is unclear, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to try and explain it better. :)

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