Saturday, December 3, 2016

DIY crochet boots with flip flop sole

In the past week or so I had so many friends share these crochet boots with me. While I can crochet, I don't particularly like to so it takes a lot for me to attempt it. I clicked on over to Make & Do Crew's website to see how hard of a pattern it was. Because 99% of the pattern is done in 1 easy stitch I decided to go for it. Bonus is the pattern is free! I, however, decided to splurge for the $2.50 pattern for the ruler. I wanted to save myself the time and potential frustration by not getting the spacing right for the sole the first time.

On the first flip flop I taped the ruler to it like her video suggest and poked the holes with a long, sharp tapestry needle. It worked okay but what happens when you poke paper with sharp things? It rips. On the next flip flop I taped it in place and used a pen to mark the holes and then went back and poked them. Although I did it in 2 steps it seemed to go by much quicker.

I was making this pair for my daughter who is not yet in women's sizes. Instead of using the thick yarn and a K and L hook I used an average weight yarn and a size G and H hook. For reference, my daughter is in a kids size 4. I used a pair of size 3 flip flops from Walmart for the sole. The fit is pretty perfect on her feet.

 These boots are great house slippers, especially if you have a dog that sheds a lot. In the past our dog's fur would always be stuck to the bottoms of slippers and it'd make the shoes slick on our floor. The flip flop sole in these prevents this. I love the fact that you can even wear them outdoors. Perfect for taking the dog out or checking the mail box!

I'd say that this is a great pattern for beginners. I'm more of a beginner crocheter and I was able to knock these out in less than a day. After purchasing the pattern I received an email with a code for 15% off I can share with friends! Full disclosure, I also get a 15% off code if you use my referral. Sharing is caring. :) Happy crocheting my friends!

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