Sunday, November 27, 2016

$5 DIY Ottoman

After the couch makeover I knew I really wanted a new ottoman. I had upholstered our old coffee table but it was looking worn and sad. Our dog likes to nap on it so after a while the fabric just wasn't as bright as it used to be.

Once again, I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this project since it wasn't exactly a need. The table was functioning just fine, I just didn't like it anymore.

I started off with random supplies from the garage. Two old headboards that I'd made my kids, random pieces of wood and the feet and seat cushions from our old love seat. I didn't even bother with removing the fabric from the gray headboard because well... I'm lazy. haha!

My hubby helped me build a simple box and we drilled the feet right to it. I added a diagonal piece of wood in the center before we added the top for extra strength because it will be used as seating.

I used spray adhesive to attach the seat cushions. I had to trim the length of one of them using an xacto knife but I got lucky and the width was perfect.

I covered it with old sheets that I used for painting for extra padding.

At this point I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a print or a solid color to cover it. In the end, my love of prints won. I went to Walmart and found this pretty twin flat sheet for $5 to cover it. I had planned on making it removable so I can wash it... but once again, I'm lazy. I like quick projects and after all the sewing I had did the previous day on the couch, I was over it.

The end result is a super comfortable and pretty ottoman. I saved some wood from the landfill and made a functioning piece for my living room. Win, win in my book! Check around your home and see what type of items you may be able to repurpose before throwing out!

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