Sunday, November 27, 2016

$0 couch makeover

I've wanted a new couch for a few years now but I just couldn't justify buying a new one when ours was perfectly fine. I've considered recovering it or making a slip cover but I can never find the fabric that speaks to me in a decent price range. If I'm going to spend hundreds on fabric to recover it, I might as well buy a new couch.

I was browsing Pinterest when I came across this couch and in that moment, I knew exactly how I was going to makeover my couch. It has similar shape to mine and I loved how cozy all the pillows looked. I went to bed that night knowing that the first thing I was going to do the next morning was get started.

The first thing I needed to do was detach the back cushions. It was scary but I was determined so I grabbed my seam ripper and went to work.

After I had detached both back cushions I removed the covers from the seat so I could throw all the fabric in the wash.

I was left with this gaping hole in the back of the couch that I needed to recover. I ended up using the fabric like stuff that was on the backs of the existing cushions.

I stapled it in place using a handheld staple gun. I also took an old blanket and some of the stuffing from the back cushions to add extra padding into the seat pieces. 

And this is where disaster happened. I measured the empty space to make 3 square pillows to go on the back. I didn't take in account for the depth of the pillows when stuffed. That meant that my pillows were too small to cover the back in both length and height. You could see the light tan fabric and it looked horrid. I had started regretting ever tearing it apart because I wasn't sure how I'd fix it. I took a break from it to think about a way to salvage it.

A few days prior I had moved the matching love seat into our garage because it was just too clunky in our living room. I took the fabric from the back of it and stapled it in place over the tan part on the couch. I then sewed a 4th square pillow and all was right again. I didn't have enough of the brown from the couch to do the fronts and backs of the pillows so I used a cool vintage sheet my mom had given me for the backs. I also sewed up a few small pillows from random fabric in my stash using leftover stuffing.

I LOVE the ending result. Our couch was already pretty comfortable but we love it even more now. It's like laying on a bed of pillows!

For whatever reason those fold over attached back cushions drove me insane. The change is not mind blowing or anything but it's enough to keep me happy!

If there's something you have that just isn't to your liking, I challenge you to figure out a way to make it work!

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