Saturday, October 8, 2016

Homeschool spaces

I've spent a lot of time over the years browsing homeschool rooms on Pinterest. Dedicated school spaces that look like they've been torn from pages of a magazine. Beautiful, trendy, clean, amazing spaces. Unfortunately, we don't always have the budget, time, space or design skills to make our own school rooms look like that. Today I wanted to share with you how our schooling area has changed over the years.

2013 was our first year homeschooling. The dining room seemed like the most practical space to do school in because it had a large table. I needed to turn it into a space that could quickly transition from school to dinner without having to spend forever cleaning up. I decorated the walls with their art work, a few maps, and various wall hangings that I found at the Dollar Tree. I built the cheapest desk for the laptop from random wood that I found in the garage.The shelf housed all the material we used on a daily basis. It was a simple space that got the job done. Total cost to complete this room was approximately $13. The maps were almost $5 a piece from Walmart but they were a good investment.

In 2014 we moved back to our home state. I had grand plans to create the most amazing classroom worthy of Pinterest. It turned out great but for whatever reason we didn't use the space long. It didn't feel like us. As good as it was, I spent too much time focusing on the look vs how well the space would work for us. We left it like it was and spent the remainder of the year doing school on the couch or the kitchen counter. Total cost to complete this room was approximately $120. The tray tables, exercise balls, chair in the reading corner, bookcase, desk, rug and whiteboard were all new. Even though we barely used this room, we did and still use all of the items minus the rug so it wasn't a complete loss. Buying a rug with a white background was probably the dumbest decision I've ever made regarding decor. Just don't do it!

In 2015 we decided to turn what was the school room back into a bedroom. I needed to fit everything from that room that we actually used into a closet sized space. I purchased a $40 storage cabinet from Target and created a shelf for each subject. It made finding what I needed a breeze. We spent over half of the year unschooling (more to come on that subject later) so it was perfect not to have a classroom where I felt obligated to.

Last but not least, that brings us to our current space in 2016. I'd say that this is my favorite space to date. Because I work from home now I wanted a space that could do double duty. Office AND a homeschool space in one. The simple space keeps all of us distraction free while we are working. My daughter's desk was a $5 thrift store find years ago that I painted. My son still uses the tray table with our computer box as a chair until we find him something else that he likes. Total cost to complete this room was $0!!!! Every single item in this room we already owned minus one of my desk, the globe and the giant cabinet that holds my fabric. They were gifted by my sister and mother.

As you can see, our space isn't fancy but it works for us. It's okay to browse all those beautiful homeschool rooms for inspiration but don't feel like you need to recreate it exactly to make it work in your home. I totally suggest to repurpose items from different parts of your house, look at thrift stores, ask family or friends if they have any unused things you may can use. Whatever you do, turn it into something you love and enjoy it!

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  1. I like your current class/work room the best. It's more like you!