Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter door hanger

A few days ago a friend shared the cutest Easter sign and I knew it'd be pretty cute as a door sign. Here's the original, I'm not sure who originally made and posted it so I linked back to where I saw it.

I figured I'd document the process for others who may want to make it. I should note that I am by no means an artist so if I can do this, you can do this!

You'll need:

thin birch plywood or canvas
mod podge or spray sealer
different colored paints
spray paint*
(not pictured- ribbon for hanging, stapler)

Step 1: Print the face and body and cut them out. Save the image to print. You may have to play with the sizing, my bunny is 12.5 inches long for reference.

I got my board at Michael's for a few bucks using a 40% off coupon.

Step 2: Paint your board or canvas and let dry. I used spray paint because it dries quickly.

Step 3: Trace the bunny cutout on your board or canvas.

Step 4: Began painting the body. (I used gray acrylic paint)
Ignore that extra line on the inside of my bunny, my first pattern was too short for my liking.

Don't be impatient like me, actually wait for your paint to dry in between steps, it only takes a minute if you don't put it on thick. For the chin part I mixed a little black and white paint and outlined it.

Step 5: Here comes the fun part! Grab a kiddo and paint their foot! I highly suggest doing 1 foot at a time.

Step 6: Carefully place each foot down the side of the bunny's body.

Step 7: Grab another kiddo and paint their hands for the ears.

Step 8: Carefully place each hand down beside the top part of the head. It should look like this now.

Step 9: Once the hand and feet prints are dry, take pink paint and paint in the soles and ear pieces. Just wing it, I did.

Step 10: Draw on the face. You could cut out each piece of the face and trace it on or once again, wing it; it'll give your bunny charm!

Step 11: If you'd like paint out "Hoppy Easter". I wrote mine in pencil first. Once everything is dry spray with your sealer or use a fine layer of mod podge.  (You can skip this if you're using canvas.) I stapled blue ribbon to mine to hang it. The birch plywood is pretty thin and I was able to staple it easily. 

My kids like to watch me paint and draw but if your kids aren't into that you could do everything ahead of time except the hands and feet. If your kids don't like painting their hands and feet you could trace them and get a similar effect. Hope you enjoy! :)

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