Monday, September 30, 2013

Pin cushion bracelet: a tutorial

When I'm sewing I stick my pins everywhere. I do have a pin cushion but I can never manage to get the pins in it when I'm focused on whatever project I'm working on. They end up on my table, in my shirt, randomly stuck in fabric and on the floor. A lot of times I'll skip out on pins just because I don't feel like searching for them all once I'm done. There are tons of pin cushion bracelets online but this project is so easy and best of all, it's FREE! There's a little bit of hand sewing but don't be intimidated if you've never hand sewn before. There's no way you can mess this pin cushion up.

You'll need:
glue gun/glue sticks
1 hair tie (one that's not too tight or too loose on your arm)
1 jar lid (I used metal)
pretty fabric big enough to give you 2 inches from your lid to the edge of the fabric (I decided to use white so it'd be easier for my blind eyes to see my pins.)
stuffing (I won't judge you if you rip up one of your kids stuffed animals)
needle and thread

Cut 1 small rectangle of fabric and 2 circles at least 2 inches larger than your lid.

Hot glue your hair tie to the back of the lid.

Hot glue the rectangle of fabric on top for added strength.

With both circles on top of each other sew a gathering stitch around. DO NOT cut your thread yet!

When you pull it'll gather and make a little puff.

Add your stuffing, I was pretty generous with mine.

Pull the thread to close the hole but not so tightly that it snaps.
Knot the thread.

Add  hot glue to the lid.

And plop your puff down in it.

Make sure to glue around the edges and you're done!!


  1. So simple to make, but it will be so helpful!!
    (and you have really pretty

    1. The leaf pins are only a $1 at Joann Fabrics! They aren't sharp but that's probably better for me. lol

  2. Awesome tutorial. The bracelet idea is cuuute!