Monday, September 30, 2013

Pin cushion bracelet: a tutorial

When I'm sewing I stick my pins everywhere. I do have a pin cushion but I can never manage to get the pins in it when I'm focused on whatever project I'm working on. They end up on my table, in my shirt, randomly stuck in fabric and on the floor. A lot of times I'll skip out on pins just because I don't feel like searching for them all once I'm done. There are tons of pin cushion bracelets online but this project is so easy and best of all, it's FREE! There's a little bit of hand sewing but don't be intimidated if you've never hand sewn before. There's no way you can mess this pin cushion up.

Hello out there!

I have been crafting since at least Kindergarten. I remember sneaking needles and thread out of my grandmother's sewing box so I could sew up random pieces of old clothing to create new outfits for my Barbie's. As the years went on I'd stay up for hours and turn my old jeans into skirts, all by hand. I got my first "sewing machine" in '09. I wish I had a picture of it. My aunt bought it for $10 during black Friday and it was so tiny. Think of the kid sewing machines without the guard except it wasn't battery operated. I became a stay at home mom that year with the birth of our 2nd child so I wanted something to do with the extra time I had on my hands.

My very first project! I couldn't contain my joy over that itty bitty elephant. My son chewed on it until one sad day it was lost in the grocery store. From then on I sewed cloth diapers, simple pants, lunch bags and refashions until one day the machine just stopped.